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Kaju Katli

Similar to Badam Katli but instead filled with ground cashew (Kaju). Along with the cashew, we add sugar and cardamom, garnished with edible silver foil.


  • 250g = approx. 12 pieces
  • 500g = approx. 24 pieces
  • 1kg = approx. 48 pieces


✅🌿 This item is suitable for vegans.

✅ This item is Gluten Free (GF). 

📲 Full vegan collection can be found here.

📲 Full GF collection can be found here.

🥜 All items may contain traces of nuts. 

Shelf Life:

  • Ambient: 5-6 days 
  • Refrigerated: 8-9 days
  • Please note that this is best served at room temperature once taken out of the fridge